Tokyo will not allow Putin to participate in the official funeral of Abe

Now Putin is banned from entering Japan due to sanctions. Tokyo will not cancel them if it wishes to attend Abe's official funeral, media reported. However, Tokyo does not expect the president to want to come

Japan plans to ban Russian President Vladimir Putin from attending the state funeral of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe if he wants to attend, the Nikkei and Sankei newspapers report, citing sources. The ceremony will take place in September.

Now Putin is under Japanese sanctions due to the start of the Russian operation in Ukraine and he is banned from entering the country. They are not planned to be temporarily canceled if the president expresses a desire to attend the funeral, follows from the Sankei publication, which cites several government sources.

However, they clarify, Tokyo does not expect the Russian president to express such a desire . This was also confirmed to the newspaper by an official representative of the Japanese Foreign Ministry.

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Abe was assassinated during his public speech in Nara on 8 July. The ex-premier received two gunshot wounds— in the area of ​​the chest and neck— and was taken to the hospital. Doctors tried to save him for several hours, but in the end, Abe died.

Immediately after the attack, the police detained a local resident, Tetsuya Yamagami. His explanations of what happened were contradictory: initially he claimed that he was dissatisfied with Abe's policies, then the police, quoting Yamagami, said that the attack was not related to the political beliefs of the ex-premier. As a result, Yamagami said that he considered the politician to be connected with a certain group, to which his mother donated money, because of which relations in the family deteriorated.

Abe's actual funeral took place on July 12, he was cremated. The Kremlin reported that Putin was not going to attend the ceremony. On July 22, the Japanese government approved the date for the official funeral— they will be held on September 27 in Tokyo, at the Budokan arena; and in Kitanomaru Park.

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