Why are astronauts kept in silence?

“Arguments and Facts” Weekly No. 16. Questions and Answers Super Number 20/04/2022

It is true that astronauts are trained to stay in silence for a long time and are kept in special cells where no sounds?

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«Astronauts are not trained to stay in silence, because they do not need such a skill in their professional activities, – explained in the press service of the Cosmonaut Training Center. – The crew of the spacecraft consists of three people, and more than ten cosmonauts and astronauts can work at the International Space Station at the same time. All of them regularly communicate with each other, get in touch with the Earth. On the ISS, in principle, it is difficult to remain in silence because of the working equipment. Headphones help muffle its noise during the daytime, and at night – ear plugs.

Nevertheless, special soundproof rooms for the training of astronauts are used. They are called sound chambers. Since the time of the first detachment of cosmonauts, a long stay in an isolation chamber has been one of the basic tests for neuropsychic stability and the disclosure of a person's potential reserves. For example, the ability to go without sleep for a long time is trained: in the absence of external sound stimuli, people should not sleep for 64 hours. They can talk, do a variety of things, undergo psychological testing, etc. At the same time, doctors and psychologists are closely monitoring their condition.

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