Why is the admiral butterfly called that?

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Admiral, as you know, — the highest rank in the navy. However, there is also an elegant butterfly with the same name. Why is she called that?

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The word “admiral” when translated from  Arabic means “lord of the sea”. The winged insect, of course, has nothing to do with the sea: the diurnal butterfly is common on almost all continents. It can be seen in Europe, Asia, North Africa, the islands of the Atlantic and in other corners of the globe.

This lepidopterous insect lives on  forest edges, on meadows and in mountains (at altitudes up to 2700 m above sea level), is found along roadsides and shores of fresh water.

Marine The beautiful butterfly got its name from for the design on the wings, on a dark brown background of which a bright red band stands out. So it reminds the stripes on the uniform trousers of the Admiral of the Fleet of the Russian Empire.

On the front wings of the insect, in addition to an elongated light spot, another 5–6 white spots arranged in a chain are clearly distinguishable. On the back wing you can see a pale blue spot framed by a black edging. can be observed in nature all summer: they flutter from flower to flower in search of nectar. The food base of the admiral's caterpillars is limited to nettle leaves, and adults also feed on thistles. At the sunset of summer, admirals can be seen on carrion of fruit trees: overripe pears, apples, and plums are their delicacy at this time of the year.

In the last century, the admiral butterfly was listed in the Red Book of our country , but now it has ceased to be rare, therefore it is excluded from the list of protected objects of nature. However, this does not mean that, having seen the butterfly “in” ranks, on the forest edge or in city square, you can catch an insect for the sake of momentary pleasure to hold it in hands.

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