Yeltsin’s widow responded to the “lie” about the billions of the Yeltsin Center

Zyuganov's statements that 12 billion rubles are spent annually on the Yeltsin Center are “utter nonsense,” said Naina Yeltsina. The annual budget of the Yeltsin Center in recent years, according to reports, did not exceed 650 million rubles.< source srcset=" 1200w" media="(min-resolution: 192dpi)" >

Boris Yeltsin's widow Naina responded to Gennady Zyuganov in an open letter to his statements about her wife and the Yeltsin Center, the text of the message was published in the Yeltsin Center group.

Gennady Zyuganov, speaking at the Territory of Meanings forum, stated that the creation of the Yeltsin Center— “a national disgrace”, adding that in Russia this structure was “created by the Americans”. “I spoke to [President Vladimir] Putin more than once, and from the rostrum of the State Duma. Everyone knows that the Americans specially built the Yeltsin Center for us. About 12 billion is spent on it every year. It is a national shame when a human center is organized, where the exposition was prepared by 100 percent Americans, — Zyuganov said.

Naina Yeltsina called these words “utter nonsense.” “It is easy to verify this by watching and reading many interviews of the excellent Russian director Pavel Lungin, one of the founders of the Yeltsin Center, going into the museum itself and looking at the exposition dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, looking at the line of the budget that the state allocates to the Yeltsin Center, for example, for this or past years, & mdash; she emphasized.

During the speech, Zyuganov also stated that the first president of Russia offered him “any post”, but he refused, answering that “it would be better to shoot himself.”

“In recent years, people like Rutskoi, Khasbulatov, Korzhakov and some other political losers of the nineties have often begun to reminisce about the past years” hellip; Here, for example, Gennady Zyuganov recently came up with some absolutely ridiculous fantasies. Under no circumstances could the first president of Russia offer you “any post.” He was completely irreconcilable to the anti-human ideology that you defended. All this neo-Stalinism of yours, hatred of universal human values, imperial slogans were absolutely unacceptable to Boris. You have always been his ideological enemy. That's how he perceived you for the rest of his life,” — Naina Yeltsina answered him.

Yeltsin Center (B.N. Yeltsin Presidential Center Foundation)— non-profit organization named after the first president of Russia. His most famous project — museum of the same name in Yekaterinburg. Presidential Center B.N. Yeltsin was created in accordance with the federal law No. 68 adopted in 2008 “On the centers of the historical heritage of the presidents of the Russian Federation who have ceased to exercise their powers.” In accordance with it, the center was created by the presidential administration. The Board of Trustees of the Yeltsin Center is headed by the head of the presidential administration, Anton Vaino.

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Funding of the center is provided both from the budget and from donations and income from its activities. In February 2021, the executive director of the center, Alexander Drozdov, said that the annual budget of the Yeltsin Center reaches 500–550 million rubles, of which 300 million rubles. allocated by the state. According to the organization’s annual financial statements for 2019 (the latest available), in 2019 the center received more than 646 million rubles, of which 62 million & mdash; profit from entrepreneurial activity (for example, it includes the sale of tickets).

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