Zelensky signed a law on sending territorial defense to the places of hostilities

Now the territorial defense forces will be able to operate throughout the territory of Ukraine, including the combat zone and the “occupied” areas. Zelensky signed this law in violation of the Constitution of the country

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed a law that provides territorial defense with the ability to perform tasks in areas of hostilities, follows from the card index of the Verkhovna Rada of the country.

Previously, the defense could perform tasks within the territory of the corresponding territorial community. Now it can operate on the entire territory of Ukraine, including areas of military operations and those under the control of Russia, the agency “Ukrainian News” notes.

This law was signed by Rada Chairman Ruslan Stefanchuk on May 6 and sent to Zelensky for signature the same day. According to the Constitution of Ukraine, the head of state had to either sign the law within 15 days or return it to the Rada with his proposals for reconsideration. However, Zelensky signed the law more than a month later, although according to the Constitution, the document entered into force after the 15 days when the president had to either sign the law or send it back to the Rada.

The new act amends the law “On the Fundamentals of National Resistance”, which Zelensky signed in July last year. The document was submitted to the Rada at the initiative of the president and implied the creation of a territorial defense in the country, which, according to the law, organizes, prepares and performs tasks to counter military threats and assist in protecting the population, territories, the environment and property from emergencies.< /p>

The territorial defense forces appeared in the country on January 1 this year, they are commanded by Igor Tantsyura, former deputy commander of the ground forces of the armed forces of Ukraine. The composition of the defense can include both professional military and volunteers.

In April, the government of Ukraine allowed the defense to use artillery and rockets, and also formalized the authority to use any small arms and ammunition— in fact, this has been allowed since February 24.

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